I never cease to be amazed at how companies view recruitment. We receive a lot of enquiries from companies who need to hire a key leader for their business but who are looking for the cheapest option or partner. When an enquiring company's first question is around our fees instead of our process of how we deliver success to our clients, I know they are not an aspirational client for Collingwood. I know they don't get the value a recruitment process and an amazing appointment will provide to their business. I realise that they just need to "put a bum on a seat" rather than invest in a leader that will help achieve their purpose, vision and strategic objectives.

If you were buying technology for your business that would revolutionise the way you operate or deliver value to your customers, would your first question be how much and the last so what does it do? Probably not!

I have been discussing the key appointment of a Managing Director in Germany with a global engineering business. The whole conversation has been around how much do we have to pay and what happens if you fail instead of developing a collaborative partnership that will undoubtedly deliver success together. They are in a niche, geographically challenged and need a top performing leader from their sector. This project absolutely aligns to a proactive headhunting process focused on engaging with candidates in the passive rather than active job market. It needs deep research, an effective story around the employer brand to grab the attention of candidates and a qualified recruiter (not a CV shuffler) to properly assess the individuals and provide detailed feedback on the market and what the talent landscape looks like. Data enables our clients to make insightful decisions whereas spurious CV's will not.

I am sure cheap options may work at times but you will always get what you pay for! Minimum investment = minimum commitment from a recruiter and their need to get to a quick win as fast as possible. This is called a transaction and is a long from working in a collaborative partnership with an experienced executive search or headhunting consultancy.

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