We have all heard the saying "fail to prepare, prepare to fail", this applies to most things in life and acquiring the best talent is no different.

Unfortunately, on so many occasions companies use recruiters as fire fighters and only engage when there is a problem or fire to put out. Unforeseen situations will always arise, in this event the firefighter approach can be hard to avoid. However, working in this way as a matter of course isn’t advised, as it typically results in several agencies frantically searching through substandard candidates who are actively on the market.

My experience has taught me that the companies with the most effective talent acquisition strategies tend to be far more proactive and place their attention on stopping the fire in the first place. They have a strategy for talent retention, typically focused around personal development and executive coaching to ensure existing staff develop, grow and remain fulfilled - see some of the benefits of executive coaching in this previous Collingwood blog https://www.collingwoodsearch.co.uk/our-insights/board-insights/6-benefits-of-executive-coaching-for-a-newly-appointed-leader.

They also have their finger on the pulse when it comes to attracting new talent, and the best talent is typically harvested over a period. This is done by firstly ensuring they know who and where the best talent is. They then ensure they remain engaged with this talent, understanding what attracts them and how to engage with them in the future. Talent mapping is a brilliant way of doing this, read my colleague Jeanette's blog on the benefits https://www.collingwoodsearch.co.uk/our-insights/downloads/7-powerful-benefits-of-talent-mapping/

So, if you are looking to attract hard to find talent, be proactive and have a plan. The best talent isn't available for long, this approach can ensure you don’t miss out!

So, ask yourself - is your scotch in the cellar?