Having spent the last few years building technical teams and capability for some fantastic clients I have noticed both a real shortage, and massive demand for the best technical talent.

IOT is at the forefront of so much modern development, with consumers placing increasing demand of companies to develop not only fantastic products, but products that are connected and add continuous value.

Although engaging with a consultancy has its time, most of my clients would rather house the required skill internally and typically engage consultants when this isn't the case.

My clients have had massive success in recruiting the best talent. By actively headhunting specific talent and delivering a personalised and engaging message about our client’s business and opportunity we have given our clients access to the best talent before candidates are engaged with several competitors.

For more information about headhunting and whether it would benefit your business, read my colleague Doug Mackay's blog https://www.collingwoodsearch.co.uk/our-insights/recruiting-retaining-talent/headhunting-a-guide-to-help-you-decide-if-it-will-benefit-your-business/