How do you package the information you use to attract candidates to your business?

I recently read this article from Forbes who seem to suggest that you need to write a great job description to ensure you attract the right candidates. 

How boring and I totally disagree!

For Collingwood, job descriptions are what should be agreed internally to ensure you know what you are going to out to find. They require a significant investment in time and need to be flexible to ensure you are not raising instant barriers that will prevent you from filling your vacancy. They are the starting point for you to create an amazing hiring process that combines robust candidate assessment whilst also being educational and inspiring for candidates to really want to work for your business. 

In order to attract candidates, you need far more creative and innovative media. Job descriptions are long, detailed and pretty boring and, instead, I would recommend the use of video, a one page creative "enticer" or, at worst, a slide share. Tell your story, tell the stories of amazing employees that already work there.

Put your self in the candidate's shoes, why would they want to work for your company when they have so many more that they can choose from? Bring the opportunity to life but ensure the media you use represents your brand, values and what your company is like to work for.

High calibre talent is in short supply and high demand and so please don't think that placing an advert or being lazy with your recruitment process is going to deliver success!