Turner & Townsend has recently compiled a report on the state of the built environment and it makes for some pretty interesting reading.  

Despite global and national uncertainty there are reasons to be optimistic.  Figures in some areas are positive in part due to oil prices recovering, the need for mass data centers and online retail warehousing.  

Added to this there is a global need to reduce the industries impact on carbon emissions and so refurbishment of existing buildings is on the rise.

Highlights from the below article outline that:

 - For the first time China overtook USA in terms of output in 2010

 - India is now growing at double the rate of China

 - By 2020 it is predicted that China would have grown by 20%, the US by 15%, India by 7% and larger EU countries by 3%

 - The UK is out of the top 10 BUT this is in part due to brexit and the bad weather of last spring, BUT....

 - By 2030 the UK will be up to sixth due to the ongoing pressure on housing stock, mega builds, rail and airport projects