We have a very strong set of core values at Collingwood and ensured that our entire team were involved in deciding the values that are the most important to us and that we live and breath every day.

We use our values to recruit into Collingwood which has produced a fantastic team that are all aligned, share the same purpose, share the same care for one another as well as our external stakeholders. In short, it is a pleasure to be part of this team and I am very proud of each and every one of them.

The real power of communicating our values has been realised in recent months. We have recently been approached by two outstanding businesses in the construction sector who also have a core set of values that are lived and breathed in their business, and not just on paper, every day. Both companies were seeking an executive search partner who was values driven, had a big moral compass, was authentic and wanted to be part of an exciting growth journey together. Their belief was that finding such a firm would allow them to form a very strong partnership based on being inspired by one another, care for one another and ultimately be resilient and determined to deliver on agreed objectives. 

When the going gets tough, it is far easier to dig in and give your all when you respect your business partner.

We call these aspirational clients and have built a portfolio full of them during the last 5 years. 

The difference in the quality of our work, the evidence that we really do go the extra mile for them is there for all to see. Our business is not simply about generating fees, like a lot of recruitment agencies, and instead our fulfilment comes from building business and personal relationships with clients that we truly respect and love working with. 

A lot of companies say they are values-led but for many it is merely a paper exercise.

Click here to find out more about our values https://www.collingwoodsearch.co.uk/about-us/a-break-with-convention