Whilst I love tech, I guess I am a bit of a relic when it comes to recruitment. I hear horror stories from candidates all the time about how they feel they are being treated by global companies when applying to work for them. One common theme is the lack of human contact they appear to be enjoying and their inability to show their real character and capabilities verbally and instead have to rely on automated assessment processes to decide whether they should continue in a recruitment process or not. 

I see so many poor CV's that have brilliant people behind them which unfortunately don't know how to create an amazing personal story or resume. I also see people come to life in a human contact interview process guided by an expert interviewer who "bespokes" the conversation (interview) to ensure they get the best possible output from the candidate.

I also wonder why high performers put up with putting their job applications in the hands of a robot!!!

Overall, I am sure AI has a place in recruitment but I think it is currently failing to create effective employer brand engagement, treat candidates with the respect and dignity they deserve and worst of all, I believe that businesses will miss out on the best talent. Either because the computer will say NO to outstanding candidates or because outstanding candidates will decide to look for human driven recruitment processes.