We work with companies of all sizes from start-ups to global corporations and, during our briefing meeting, we are always digging under the skin of our clients to understand why on earth a high calibre senior leader would want to join their business. Great talent is in high demand and money is certainly no longer a big factor in a candidate's decision to leave their employer. It is a factor but not a big one. Instead they look at a range of other considerations.

In the latest Glassdoor survey looking at the best 10 companies to work for in the US, here are the key factors that employees gave as important to them;

Glassdoor’s new list also pulled out 10 common themes that it found employees list in company reviews. It’s a great “must have” list for companies who really want to be seen as a “great place to work.” Employees said they need to have:

  1. A mission-driven company culture;
  2. Employees need to feel valued;
  3. Smart, collaborative colleagues;
  4. Competitive compensation;
  5. Great perks and benefits;
  6. That the company has a clear direction;
  7. Opportunities for career advancement;
  8. Transparent senior leadership;
  9. Challenging/exciting work that delivers impact;
  10. The ability to have work-life balance.

Not a bad set of criteria of you are looking to build a company that people want to work for.