These are very interesting times at Collingwood. With the Brexit argument having rolled on for over 2 years, it is clear that many of our clients in the UK are being very cautious when it comes to investing in their senior teams here. Don't get me wrong, we are delivering quite a number of roles in the UK but 2018 has been a year in which around 60% of all our executive search projects have been delivered outside the UK. This is where we recruit locals or nationals in the likes of Germany, across North America, in Holland and France etc.. This does not involve any ex pat activities.

Although we have been recruiting internationally for over 20 years, it is always really interesting to recruit across a broad variety of working cultures especially for our US clients who want us to find high calibre leaders who understand how US businesses operate so that their data led approach and high paced growth doesn't come as a shock!

All in all, the impact of Brexit has been negative in the UK but international markets provide a lot of challenge and excitement!