We support a lot of SME business who need to recruit high calibre talent to help them grow. It makes me angry that SME's view themselves below big organisations in the race to attract outstanding talent. Whilst some candidates clearly want to work for large corporates and benefit from the "sexy" benefits packages that they are able to offer. In equal numbers there are candidates who would far rather work for a SME  because they align to their personal purpose, vision or values, location (removing a long commute or ability to work in the countryside) and ability to be a significant contributor rather than a cog in a big wheel.

There are so many benefits of working for SME businesses and these companies just need to identify them and design candidate attraction strategies to raise their profile and start conversations with these individuals.

Clearly an Executive Search Consultancy such as Collingwood can make your job easier, but by telling your story and letting candidates know about the benefits (not remuneration) of working for you, I promise that there are many many individuals that would love the opportunity to join your business.