I was doing some lunchtime reading today and was very surprised to read that Tesla are the hottest company of 2018, according to Indeed. Why am I surprised? Well, like most of you, I read a lot of articles about Tesla and most seem to be focused on how much of an animal Elon Musk is as a leader and how badly he treats his employees. So with this in mind, why on earth are people queuing up to work for Tesla?

Funnily enough I listed to a new podcast from David Hunt at Hyperion Executive Search last night in which they discussed the cultures within the electrical vehicle manufacturers. I realised from the discussion that armed with a very clear and powerful vision to clean up our planet, the types of employees attracted to Tesla want to be associated with a project that is so unique, ground breaking and its challenges and successes are there for the world to see. They don't care about Musk's reputation as a leader and have instead bought into his vision. They are aligned to it and just want to be part of making his dream a reality.

I guess it is another example of what having such a clear and powerful Purpose can achieve! Simon Sinek, we thank you!

The podcast I mentioned is well worth a listen by the way, click here to enjoy it http://thisweekincleantech.com/episode-1-with-roger-atkins