The war on talent is burning furiously and, with most economies gladly enjoying low unemployment, the flames are being energetically fanned! Despite low unemployment globally, high calibre and high potential candidates at all levels of seniority have no problem finding new jobs. Company success relies upon employing brilliant people and so opportunities will always be created for such valuable company assets. With these candidates in such demand, what why would they join your organisation? The initial impression you make on them will count for everything in their decision making process. David can definitely beat Goliath if your provide an outstanding candidate experience.

Put yourself in the candidate's shoes and consider what would be important to you in a recruitment process and what would make you feel amazing. For example, if you have been fortunate enough to visit one of Disney's theme parks, think about how special they made you feel during every minute of your visit. No matter how long ago your visit may have been I bet it is emblazoned on your mind and probably brings a smile every time you think about it. From there, think about the job interviews you have been to and reflect on the experiences you had, good and bad, and how you consider each organisation. Recruitment provides a very similar experience and can result in creating friends or foes for life depending on whether you provide a good or poor candidate journey.

The days of companies being in control and being able to pick from a "candidate tree" are long gone and in its place is the need for your recruitment partner and your hiring team to create a positive candidate experience that they will talk about with their friends, family and network generally. They are your Brand Ambassadors and need to take on this huge responsibility with real care and attention.

Beyond putting candidates off joining your business, there is also researched data to suggest that candidates could also stop buying your products or services!

So, in brief, you need to develop a robust recruitment process that allows you to dig deep and really understand your candidates but also one that provides a fantastic experience whether they get the job or not.

Key things to consider when developing your recruitment process;

1. What is your story and how are you going to bring it life?

2. What recruitment process will represent you as a company in terms of your values and culture?

3. What does the future look like and what will the employee journey be to help you deliver it?

4. What is it like to work in your business?

5. What value will you add to their lives and career objectives?

You should also think about the feedback you give to rejected candidates. They have probably invested a lot of time being part of your recruitment process and so to simply say "NO" is not acceptable, brand damaging and actually totally inconsiderate.

All in all, think what you would love to experience and what would make you get you talking positively about a company you interviewed at. It is such a huge process and deserves your investment of time to make it a special one.