I was starting to think that I am an old "fuddy duddy" who isn't changing fast enough with the times until I read this article! I have been watching the growth of artificial intelligence and automation in recruitment with curiosity and intrigue and I am very open minded as to how it can add value to my clients. That said, I have seen and heard so many stories of human interaction being removed from hiring processes and candidates don't appear to be too keen on it. We thankfully work with a lot of companies who understand and place a lot of emphasis on providing outstanding candidate experiences, realising that the calibre they need in their businesses don't grow on trees and a positive engagement with them is critical to inspiring them to join.

I get the automation argument when companies are recruiting a high volume of roles on an ongoing basis and perhaps at junior levels. What I don't get is even considering automation at management or senior leadership levels. I have specialised in senior level recruitment for over 20 years and the key to our success has been the warm and engaging relationships that we build with both clients and candidates over a period of time. We don't necessarily partner clients with household names but, despite this, they each have an amazing story to tell and provide opportunities for exciting career journeys. This needs to be brought to life and we build this into the recruitment process with our clients. They realise that recruitment shouldn't and can't be a simple transaction and that candidates are not queuing up to work for them. Truth is that they need to be wooed and a good old fashioned recruitment process is the way to do it!