We are a team that focus on finding and partnering aspirational clients. We want to jump out of bed on a Monday morning and be excited about the clients we are going to stretch ourselves and really go the extra mile for to ensure we deliver solutions that excite them and remove their pains.

One of our "sweet spots" is working with family owned or privately owned SME businesses that are ambitious, have strong values, a clear purpose and love both their employees and customers.

We have the opportunity to work with a lot of these companies and it never fails to strike me how much harder they work to achieve success. What I mean by this is that they are still using the traditional methods of customer engagement and business development and have not yet digitized their businesses.

I guess I was lucky to have a close friend at university who was a bit of a marketing entrepreneur, always pushing the boundaries and, as we thought at the time, developed crazy marketing ideas on how to engage with target customers. This pushed your thinking and created a curiosity ahead of time.

Now a passionate deliverer of a content marketing strategy, I am able to provide some expert insight into what is involved for family owned and SME clients. It has changed our world and it will certainly change yours but it is a step change from traditional business development, needs investment and a relentlessness if you really want it to work for your business.

Our key focus has been on content marketing during the last 4 years. It gives you the opportunity to talk to your target audience authentically and cut out all the "bulls**t" sales spiel. It is insightful, fun and allows you to build a customer portfolio that you want to jump out of bed for on a very cold, wet,and windy Monday morning.

We are experts in executive search and leadership development, are a family owned business and digitizing Collingwood has been a very rewarding strategy.