Mindfulness is a meditation technique that teaches you to switch off your mind and to focus on the present. It’s a technique that has been increasingly adopted by companies of all sizes in recent years.

The study of ‘Mindfulness’ has long since been a topic of discussion here at Collingwood. It wasn’t until a few months ago that we decided it was time to practice what we preach and we invited Russell Treasure in to teach us his masterclass in Mindfulness.

In our sessions with Russell we concentrate on the present moment and surrounding environment rather than rehearsing the past or imagining the future.

Mindfulness sets out to help you understand your own thought process and how it works. Studies have shown that sleeping habits improve considerably when participants respond to their sleep disturbances with mindfulness techniques.

Further to this; there are also studies to suggest that practicing mindfulness helps reduce anxiety and stress, boosts your productivity, improves your mood and enhances creativity (to name just a few).

The Collingwood team have so far seen some really positive results from our lunchtime sessions with Russell. The key to mindfulness is practice so we’re hoping to have him visit us at least once a month to help us unwind and focus on our minds.


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