OK, I suspect nobody will be brave (daft) enough to public announce views that  go against what I am about to talk around, but I would love to hear them.  

The majority of my audience are decision makers in building product and construction firms and so have no doubt been presented with this conundrum.  In an ageing demographic within the industry, being presented with someone in the autumn of their careers is inevitable.  Skills shortages and the impending brexit issue will further compound this.

When taking briefs, the subject of age (profile to give it the generic, non-political title) is often tentatively approached by the client.  I do not condone this ugly subject being a major focus on who will fit the bill but, sadly, it often does.

The below example may be an extreme case, but I sincerely hope, and suspect, Arvill Plant will get their return from employing Eddie McLean.

Having recruited a lot of sales orientated roles in tool & plant and the wider building materials market, the benefit I see from employing someone with deep understanding and kudos in a given market speaks volumes.  Of course this can be applied to other disciplines from engineering to finance.  

Yes, irrespective of age, individuals need to demonstrate vigor and appetite for a given position but all to often, it is my feeling, clients miss out on strong potentials due to blinkered views, or a tendency to just go with what they always have.

Views and opinions very much welcome on this, even if pseudonyms are required!