No matter how great a company yours is to work for, the reality of having your high performing talent offered opportunities elsewhere is very high. The global economy is doing very well and with great talent in short supply companies are constantly knocking on the doors of your employees and discussing new opportunities with them. Yes they may have bought into your vision and are very motivated to be a part of it. Yes you may look after them in terms of remuneration and personal development but the risk of someone knocking on their door and presenting them with an alternative career path is very real.

It is nothing to do with a lack of loyalty and everything to do with high calibre talent being curious about the opportunities that exist inside and outside your organisation. They are planners who take proactive control of their careers and so an opportunity to fast track themselves is usually too enticing to turn down.

In terms of handling a counter offer, please don't think that it is all about the money. There are so many different inputs from vision, values, culture, glass ceilings, career path, the company's performance, work life balance and too many more to mention. You really should know what makes your employees tick way before you are put in a position to counter offer when they have decided to leave you. Getting to know them is a daily necessity as is satisfying their needs and wants.

That said, sometimes amazing opportunities do come out of the blue that are too good to turn down. Don't feel rejected and dismiss the employee from your world as they could come back to you an even better one! Be happy for them, wish them luck and stay in touch.