It is amazing how little weight is placed on recruitment and how many companies don't include it in their long-term strategy.

Many only think about recruitment either when a key employee decides to leave or they suddenly get very busy and don't have enough people power to deliver and delight their customers.

Many also only think about the permanent options available and fail to consider creating an agile organisation model that can grow and reduce in line with customer demand.

"Hire slow, fire fast" - seems like sound recruitment advice, however, it only works if you have a longer term strategy that considers the roles you need to fill. If you are landed with a big problem and need to resource it you are more likely to take a knee jerk decision and recruit who is available at that time.

If you are in this situation then my advice to you would be to fill the void with an interim or associate solution that will buy you time to "hire slow" and ensure you actually take time to attract, assess and recruit the right person for your business. Furthermore, recruiting a permanent employee carries a lot of regulation and responsibility. Is this really want you need and want?

Good talent is in huge demand across most industries today and so you are in less control if you expect to attract them overnight and without a clear candidate attraction plan.

Please ensure your recruitment needs are integral to your overall strategy.

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