We obviously talk to a lot of candidates and gain a lot of feedback on the recruitment processes that they are involved in. These are not just for the executive projects that we are recruiting for but include others via alternative executive search consultancies and also direct applications to companies.

Their feedback on the recruitment processes they are involved in is an eye opener!

It is amazing to hear how lazy companies are and the lack of imagination they have in how they assess candidates. Many just seem to go through the motions and don't really want to be involved in recruiting. This is a very dangerous tactic considering that recruiting a new leader can be an extremely expensive activity especially if it all goes wrong because you have selected the wrong person with the wrong skills and whose behaviours don't align with the rest of your team or company culture.

Furthermore, a lazy interview can put high calibre candidates off working for you. 

For example, I recently heard from a £200k basic salary level Board candidate whose final interview consisted of the interviewer asking questions from a "crib sheet" for 1 hour without nurturing any kind of discussion, debate or relationship building to really get under the candidate's skin. It was a typical "HR" type interview and did, in fact, put the candidate off.

All in all, please invest a lot of time and thought into your entire recruitment process and ensure it not only gives you the information you need to ensure a successful appointment but it should also make high quality talent want to accept your offer. Deliver an assessment process that reflects your company's personality.

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