A subject close to my heart, it is pleasing to hear of this "Year of Engineering" scheme being put together by various commercial partners and the government.

With the summer break approaching, if you have young, inquisitive scientists at home, I would like to point you to their site - https://www.yearofengineering.gov.uk Loads to keep them entertained once the warm weather subsides in a couple of weeks!

My eldest is two years into primary school and, although the country as a whole is quick to bash the system, I for one am pleased with the focus and structure my sons school have placed on these subjects. Like many of his age, he is enthusiastic to solve problems based around maths and elementary science (I first learnt this with an impulsive "Science Box" purchased at a discount shop some two years ago).

Much has been made of the lack of engineers coming through within the built environment (and fears of foreign skilled workers having limited opportunities in the future). These programs are therefore surely key. As a country we are some 20,000 graduates short within engineering subjects each year and the country need to find 203,000 engineers each year until 2024.

Last year I interviewed CITB ambassador Sue Wilcox who outlined the work she has done within this age group. Read more here - https://www.collingwoodsearch.co.uk/our-insights/building-products-construction/5-minutes-with-sue-willcock-citb-construction-ambassador-and-author-of-help-im-a-manager/