Hiring a new employee will either be the most expensive cost you will incur or the best investment you will make for your business. The outcome you achieve depends on how well you prepare for your recruitment process and ensuring that you really know the type of person you need to recruit and the skills they either have or need to develop.

Overall through, you would do well to avoid these 4 characteristics that will likely result in a toxic culture and a failed recruit.

1. Disrespectfullness

The inability to respect their manager or team is a classic red flag and likely to end in disaster. Ask questions around the interviewees' colleagues and leaders to see how they respond and what they think of them. Unconstructive opinions and a flighty opinion of themselves should result in instant rejection no matter how good they are.

2. Inability to take feedback

Creating a culture of learning is critical if you have an appetite to grow your company. Someone who doesn't enjoy or see feedback positively probably has a fixed mindset and is likely to be your steady eddy. Perhaps look at using some robust psychometric testing to assess their learning ability and appetite.

3. Not a team player

I guess it depends on how important creating a team culture is for your business. Loners certainly have a place in companies but just make sure where one will thrive in yours.

4. Can't represent your company on their own

You will never grow your business or perform to optimum levels if you need to babysit someone for the entire time they work for you.

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