With the LHC's recent unveiling of their renewed £1bn Offsite Housing Framework, I was pleased to read of the go-ahead for the Gateshead Innovation Village.  

There is still a level of trepidation from investors wishing to open manufacturing hubs in areas our Britain that are crying out for affordable housing. And so it is great to read about this success story, along with the likes of Nu Build, part of Swan Housing, who are now in production phase. 

It demonstrates what can be achieved with the right partners in place.  Having this year had a major recruitment drive, ilke Homes are clearly in full production mode themselves.

I will be keen to read the feedback from tenants once they have bedded in, especially as build quality is a major thorn in the industries side still (even though, in my opinion, this is unfounded).  

It would be useful to understand some of the figures behind this project (in particular cost per unit, time of construction, sustainability figures and thermal priorities)...and I suspect I know just the person to ask.