In my view, building teams that deliver outstanding customer experiences goes a little further than the working environment you provide to them and the great experiences you give them. I understand the need to provide inspiring work environments, celebrate team and individual achievements etc... but unless you have the following it won't contribute anything to customer experience.

1. A vision and cultural behaviours that is aligned to those of your customers

By sharing the same vision and cultural behaviours, you will naturally align with your customers and be focused on achieving the same objectives. For example, we have a client that we have been partnering for 13 years. We talk the same language, we feel comfortable in one another's company and we totally buy into each other's visions. We care for each other and the business we transact is not about money but is instead focused on delivering key objectives that we share. We work passionately and go the extra mile to ensure that we provide the best possible people and leadership coaching support to help our client outperform their competitors. In turn, they really look after our employees, pay their invoices on time and take an interest in our business which has resulted in our partnership strengthening every year that goes by.

On the other hand, through our exponential growth years at Collingwood, we attracted clients that only wanted a "transactional" relationship. Their only interest in Collingwood was to make appointments and the relationship was a cold and professional one. They kept us at an arms length and showed no interest in our business. Our employees really didn't go the extra mile for these clients and I would even say that there was a sharp in take of breath when they called us!

Today. our business is thriving because we have a clear vision, a clear set of values and our team are motivated by working with similar organisations. Even better news is that we have a client portfolio full of them!

2. Recruit a team that align to your vision and values

It sounds basic but unless you recruit employees who align to your vision and integrate well into your defined culture, then you are going to have big problems.

We have suffered the consequences of hiring high calibre consultants to join our team but who don't share our vision or align to our culture. They tend to perform for a short period of time before their own personal objectives clash with the company's and everything falls apart and ends badly.

Don't give up on your values to bring in superstars as whilst they may generate profits in the short-term, they will help to destroy your culture in the medium term!

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