We partner with a lot of SME businesses throughout the UK and we see many almost giving up on the chance of recruiting outstanding new talent in a period of such low unemployment. We all hear about the funky environments that a lot of the tech companies are creating that seems to attract a lot of millennials in particular, but there is more than a lot of hope for you.

According to ZipRecruiter, 64% of job seekers prefer small to midsize companies over large ones. This is supported by LinkedIn's 2015 survey that identified that employees leaving companies that employed over 5000 were more likely to choose companies employing fewer than 500.

Good news all round for SME businesses!

The reasons employees cited for choosing smaller businesses include:

1. A close-knit familial feel of small companies

2. The notion of access to the leadership team

3. The ability to learn more quickly

4. The ability to see the direct impact they are making on the business5. Less risk of technology replacing jobs

The fact is, that small companies have a lot going for them. They have a personality and attracting great talent is all about telling your story. Ensuring that potential candidates understand your purpose, vision, values and the positive impact they could make on your strategy. Bring this to life in your recruitment process.

The recruitment process should ensure that candidates can really feel your culture and that they are not just a number that they could be in a large organisation. Make them feel special. Give them access outside of the four walls of the interview room and open up to your future dreams.

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