Gone are the days when you, as an employer, can be complacent about your recruitment process. No matter how powerful your employer brand, today's candidates are very demanding and have a bucketful of career opportunities to choose from. In short, your recruitment process will go along way to determine if they want to work for you or not. Yes, the power employers once had and the view that an interview process was for you to decide who you wanted to employ has gone! It is at least 50 / 50 now.

Even in our sector of recruitment, retained executive search where most of our candidates sit in the passive job market and are not proactively looking for a new job, the recruitment process delivered by ourselves and our clients will go a long way to attract or turning off high calibre candidates.

My advice is to really think about your recruitment process before you start one. Consider the following;

1. Who needs to be involved?

Get diaries out at the start and block out times for your interviews and assessment process. There is nothing worse than getting a candidate excited and then they have to wait weeks before you can co-ordinate your diaries to get the interviewers in the same place at the same time. It becomes a lame excuse even when explained and candidates wonder how serious you are about recruiting when stakeholders don't appear to give any priority to interviews.

2. Candidate journey

How are you going to impress candidates and get them bought into your company? Why would you want to work there? What can you show them to bring working there to life? The candidate journey needs to be an outstanding experience that inspires candidates but also gives them access to key stakeholders and allows them to assess any concerns they may have. 

3. Communication is key

Candidates expect really good up to date communication. Open and honest communications are so important and so is a well thought out project plan so they know what is going to happen and when. Avoid springing any surprises on them during the process. Left field actions don't go down well!

Speed is of the essence in any recruitment campaign and so prepare thoroughly before you press the GO button to start the process.