Who would have thought it, average employees are even worse for your business than bad ones.

It is so true though. At least you will recognise that bad employees need to leave your organisation but are likely to keep persisting with average ones in the hope that their performance will improve. They are likely to be nice colleagues, seem to be engaged and do the right things so emotions say give them a chance. Wrong.

Through my recruitment for clients and also for my team at Collingwood, there is one key thing I now look for to avoid employing average employees. 

Unless candidates can demonstrate a passion for self-development and have strong emotional intelligence to assess themselves then it won't work for me. There are far too many 'victims' who blame the environment for their underperformance rather than take the bull by the horns, assess what personal gaps they need to fill to achieve success and proactively go and sort them. 

We now have a culture of learning, curiosity for how we can improve as individuals and as a team and unsurprisingly our performance is accelerating!

Recruit those with a passion for learning who perhaps have a 'growth mindset' and I promise you that your company will be a different and very positive place to be.