In a world where technology is being developed to do pretty much every job that a human used to, it is so important that we pick and choose where we actually use it.

Having worked in executive search for over 20 years, an industry that has been dominated by human interaction and assessment, my world is undergoing dramatic change and technology is now everywhere.

I am a very 'touchy, feely' decision maker and whilst I love having robust data to support my decisions, I really need to shake hands and see the whites of a candidate's eyes. I also don't think we can fully rely on technology to tell a great story, entice candidates into a recruitment process and keep them engaged through to the decision stage. We work with a broad range of clients from SMEs, without any sophistication in their approach to recruitment, to global organisations, who have amazing talent teams with technology to identify the DNA of candidates. I think both ends of this spectrum are extreme and can learn from one another. Technology has a part to play but building great and highly performing businesses is ultimately about enticing amazing people in an increasingly shrinking talent pool. I strongly believe that human interaction in the recruitment process is critical and shouldn't be superseded by technological automation.

So many senior candidates we talk to need human interaction to share a story to gain an initial interest in our client's opportunity in addition to regular catch ups to really convince them that we can deliver their career aspirations. Technology can spike an interest but we need humans to seal the deal!

Technology has a huge and valuable role to play in recruitment but please don't ditch humans.