Based on a data set of over 17,000 leadership assessments this research has uncovered 4 key behaviours that allow ordinary people to become outstanding CEOs.

There are definitely false assumptions as to what makes a good CEO with most being around someone who is an outgoing extroverted leader. This research disagrees with this assumption in favour of the following 4 key leadership behaviours:

1. Make quick decisions

Business moves fast and so taking time to analyse and reflect may not be the right approach particularly if your business is underperforming and in threat of financial failure. Sometimes making a bad decision is better than not making a decision at all.

2. Get people to buy into your idea 

Successful CEO's rarely do it on their own. They need a team to passionately deliver their ideas and dreams (if not be helped to innovate and identify new ideas or improvements) and so engaging the organisation is a critical behaviour and gift that is needed.

3. Deliver consistent results

Providing a reliable and stable environment is really important for most stakeholders of an organisation. Most of us like to know what to expect whether it be financial, people or product related. A CEO who stakeholders can trust and be assured will deliver consistent results year after year is worth their weight in gold.

4. Adapt to the circumstances

We are currently hearing about a lot of struggling retailers in the UK, most of which have been slow to change or react to their market dynamics. Understanding future industry dynamics and taking decisive action ahead of time is critical to success. Resting on the laurels of being a great business has seen many disappear. These include Kodak and Blockbuster Video.

CEO's come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes but the 4 traits above should be part of your recruitment assessment.

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