We are strong advocates of Hogan Assessments at Collingwood and have used their robust leadership assessment tools to help our clients understand the strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities for the leaders they employ. This is a great article from Bob Hogan outlining 6 key ways to identify if you have effective leaders.

1. What followers want from their leaders

Research shows that employees want leaders with integrity, good judgement, who are competent and have a clear vision.

2. Personality predicts leadership

Research from Jim Collins (who studied 11 Fortune 1000 companies) identified effective CEO's combine extreme personal humility with a fierce and relentless drive to win.

3. Leadership drives engagement; engagement drives performance

Without an engaged workforce, it is unlikely that your organisation will be a high performing one.

4. Leaders drive financial performance

Effective leaders have a strong handle on financial performance and particularly on profits.

5. There are more bad leaders than good ones

Enough said!

6. Bad managers lead from the 'dark side'

The behaviours and traits of bad managers include emotional immaturity, arrogance, micro-management, dishonesty, indecisiveness and poor communication.

Using robust tools to assess the leadership of your organisation will go a long way to help you predict future performance.