Leadership is personal. To be really good at it, you have to be the best leader which you are, adapting where necessary yet remaining authentic and fair. Forbes have released a good article on the 14 leadership trends that will shape organisations in 2018. This is what they have found:

1. Encouraging team members to be brand ambassadors of the company, providing free PR

2. Investing in Human Capital Development to ensure employees thrive in all areas of their lives, increasing productivity and overall happiness

3. Increasing emphasis on empathetic leadership as milennials leave command and control cultures for those which are more collaborative and include coaching

4. Focus on individual growth, individual purpose and how to maximise individual potential

5. Leading by actions and examples, walking the talk and accountability from all leaders

6. Turning organisations into true customer centric businesses, to align to customers who are loyal to experience rather than brand

7. Embracing work-life blend and working from home to attract and retain top talent

8. Paying attention to internal factors in their control in order to create some certainty in the midst of change

9. Taking workplace sexual harassment more seriously

10. Taking a stand on social and political issues such as diversity and inclusion and immigration

11. Proactively elevating female leadership

12. Implementing agile talent and balancing freelancers with a strong organisational culture

13. Having an objective outsider such as a qualified executive coach to clear perceptions and gain objectivity to increase performance

14. Promoting continuous education to ensure leaders are smarter and more able to deal with what's around the corner

All these 14 are high on the priority lists of our clients. How many are you dealing with?