Driving home from the office the other day I heard a piece on Radio Five on the impact George Osbornes Northern Powerhouse was having on the region. I concluded that the news article probably raised more questions than answers.

Upon moving into building product headhunting in 2004, I heard that a good barometer of how the market is performing was the number of cranes in a given town.  Well, the below article points to a generally positive outlook for the north west of England.  

Whilst it is common knowledge that residential projects are on a continued growth curve nationally, the same has not been said about the commercial market.  However, the below report outlines that whilst, as expected, Manchester residential projects have enjoyed a 60% increase, there has been a staggering 75% increase in commercial work.  

Some of the figures also included from such cities as Leeds and Birmingham (OK not part of the powerhouse region) make for equally as impressive reading.  It's always nice to report on good news.