Some compelling figures coming out of a recent article sanctioned by UK Construction Week online. Those companies with fewer than 50 heads are contributing 62% of the total construction turnover - from £172bn in '16 to £185bn last year. Additionally, of c.5.5m SME's operating in the UK, some one million of these are aligned to construction.

The construction industry, and especially the larger, "household" names, have taken a real kicking this week (Carillion, Interserve et al).  This said, as someone who has worked in the sector for many years now, I have never worked with so many SME's. A broad statement I appreciate but it would seem these firms are almost flourishing in today's market and have the products, services and support to take on some of the larger, instantly more recognisable names.

And, of course, on the servicing side, the government are trying to make it easier for smaller firms to bid for work, cutting the red-tape that has all too often prevented them competing.