At first, the thought of AI (artificial intelligence) powered headhunting robots taking my job of 20 years is worrying. However, combining a human touch with the intelligence of a well programmed and constantly evolving recruitment specialist robot could be amazing for our global industry, especially if they are able to identify superstars that would otherwise be overlooked. 

On the other hand, my big concern lies around the need for the robots to have amazing data to analyse, and given the fact the majority of CV's, resumes or general data that candidates provide is very poor, I would worry for the robots. I believe that one of the real talents recruiters need to have is the ability to delve for information by asking candidates more questions, and not take what they say as gospel. Would robots do this, or would candidates need to be well tuned into the information they need to provide or be rejected time after time?

In principle, I love the idea of the recruitment industry being improved by robots and organisations being able to improve the quality of their workforces so easily, but there is a lot of work to do!

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