A great video article from @HarvardBiz defining what a high potential candidate actually is, how to assess them effectively and retain them for the long term.

Harvard Business Review puts forward evidence that high potential candidates are all about what they can achieve for your organisation in the future and nothing to do with what they have already achieved in the past.

It is about 5 key ingredients;

1. Motivation

2. Curiosity

3. Insight

4. Engagement

5. Determination

These are far more powerful and relevant than assessing IQ, experience and their current specialised skills.

Assessing high potential requires a very different approach to normal, run of the mill interviewing practices that we have become accustomed to and instead requires tools and techniques to draw out evidence that candidates possess the above 5 key ingredients.

This is the easy part! The hard part is what you have to do to retain them for the long term. It is not about money. The main focus has to be around constantly pushing them out of their comfort zones to achieve a performance that you could only have dreamed about previously. They are hungry for the constant challenge and personal development and you need to know how this can be achieved long before you give them a contract to sign.

A great video!