I have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes during the last 20 years, from start-ups and SMEs all the way through to $30 billion Global US Corporations. All of them, without exception, want to recruit the best and highest calibre talent that will allow their business to prosper. They all have different challenges to achieving this including location, 'sexiness' of products/services, maturity of their market, size of talent pool they want to fish in and, of course, how attractive they are as an employer.

Creating the right culture that will attract and retain employees has been a real focus during the last decade or so and has even created an industry of experts that can help you achieve it. I think creating an employee-centric culture, like the one described at Rocketrip in this article, is the easy part. I also think it is no longer a key differentiator for you as an employer and I am instead convinced that all the best candidates now expect to work in an inspiring environment similar to the ones we see at Google, Amazon etc... There is simply no let up in their expectations!

Just by creating an amazing culture doesn't buy you long-term employee loyalty. It certainly helps but if such an environment is closer to being "the norm" then you need to find new differentiators.

I would suggest that top talent is now more focused on how you are going to invest in their career, what the road ahead looks like for them and where promotions could lead to. I believe that they will focus on how excited they will be about your products and services, the vision you have for the company and what role you want them to play and the relative security you can offer them and their families. 

It is fine for you to want to employ top talent but you need to ensure that you can reciprocate and offer them what they want. 

I have seen so many "high potential" recruitment projects ultimately end in disaster as recruiting the talent is the easy part, but feeding their individual career appetites is the hard bit.

What Rocketrip assess is all good stuff but please ensure that you can deliver candidate expectations.