This article is fantastic at highlighting one worrying, but crucial element that seems to have universally disappeared from recruitment, a human touch.

Whilst companies strive to cut hiring costs through the investment of recruitment, technology and automation I passionately believe that far too many have got rid of a human element.

Any recruitment process should be about humans engaging in a conversation and by replacing this with online robots taking care of our recruitment processes, our lack of human interaction is leaving candidates disappointed and unloved.

The author, Derek Zeller, describes a story of candidates thanking him for being open and honest and providing feedback about a role he was recruiting for a company. He talks about shedding a tear when he received feedback from candidates that it was nice to hear from a recruiter for a change.

Whilst it sounds like a nice story, is it not disgraceful at the same time that we treat candidates with so little respect?

So, if you are making financial savings on your recruitment budget through less human interaction, just think what this strategy could be doing to your employer brand and future chances of recruiting outstanding candidates when they start telling everyone about the experience they have had with you!

Furthermore, if you are a recruiter that treats candidates in the same way, you could be dying out whilst the rest of us flourish.