According to Glassdoor during a recent survey, 76% of hiring managers stated they have experienced difficulties drawing the attention of suitable candidates.

The world of recruitment has certainly changed beyond all recognition during the last decade and no matter how great a company you have, or how strong your employer brand is, recruiting high calibre talent will remain a challenge for you.

There is no longer one key activity for you to do that will yield an avalanche of amazing candidates for you to pick from.

This article rightly focuses on the value that needs to be added during a recruitment process in the face of strong demand for the employees you need to deliver your business strategy.

The key value lies in ensuring candidates are well informed. They need to receive education on such top issues as company culture, remuneration, company reputation, what the interview experience will be like, who the senior leaders are and what can be expected from their leadership styles, and lastly the company's vision and values.

It is no longer OK to wait until the first interview to provide this information, as not having it may rule a potentially strong candidate out of applying or engaging with your executive search partner in the first place.

All in all, it is clear that candidates want to be told an authentic story from the moment they set foot into a potential recruitment process. They want to live and breathe the role and what it would be like to work in your business. They want to understand what to expect from your leadership team and they want to buy into a company's vision for the future.

It is actually a really enjoyable way to recruit people and get them on-board way before you make any kind of a job offer to them. 

Recruitment should be an energising process for all involved so don't treat it as a mere necessity and start enjoying it.

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