For those like me who have worked within building products and construction through the various ebb and flows of the past decade, you will have recognised priorities change dependent on market conditions.

With the country basking in positivity a number of years ago both sides of the market were heavily targeted on proving their products and services reduced a projects carbon footprint. However, through squeezed margins, somewhat understandably, the market turned its attention to driving efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

News of Trump kyboshing the Paris Climate Deal was a further kick in the teeth to driving a greener, more sustainable planet.

I was therefore buoyed to read Arup pushing for innovations to be further developed within building materials, with the introduction of organic materials - their Solar Leaf facade system is well worth a google.

For anyone still sceptical over the footprint we are leaving, I would strongly recommend reading extracts from Homo Deus by Yuval Harrari.