There is one essential thing you should do to give yourself the best opportunity for success in any job interview but this also applies to a panel interview.

Preparation is everything. You are about to invest your valuable time and effort to attend the interview and so why wouldn't you respect yourself and ensure you have all the facts to help you prepare fully?

Many candidates feel grateful for being invited to an interview but it is a 50 / 50 process and so as much as you believe you are there to be assessed, you need to have the mindset that you are there to evaluate the company too.

Considering this mindset, you need to understand exactly what lies ahead for you. Who are you meeting? What is their role in the organisation and indeed, the interview? What is the format for the interview? How will you be assessed and is there any information you are expected to prepare beforehand? 

What are the characteristics and behaviours of the panel? How should you dress? Are they interviewing anyone else and what is the objective of the interview?

This is just some of the information you need to know to help you prepare.

If the job is through a recruitment company, then they should be able to advise you. If direct with the employer, then identify the lead on the recruitment process.

Value yourself and prepare to succeed.