So it appears that every company wants to recruit THE best talent possible in order to create a fantastic culture and ultimately accelerate the performance of their business.

Recruitment is certainly a candidate driven market and very few companies, even the biggest brands, have top talent queuing up to work for them. Recruitment is hard work and, to be successful, you need to think outside the box to identify and attract those individuals that will fit your culture and help your company achieve its vision.

This article discusses the power of storytelling and for executive search it is not a new tool. I have used stories (authentic ones) to attract and educate candidates for over 15 years and on a one-to-one basis, it is relatively easy to bring them to life. Seeing the whites of a candidate's eyes when telling the story helps you to reply to positive and negative reactions but the real difficulty comes when bringing stories to life through social media, the web etc...

Not all companies have significant budgets or resources to make this happen. However, every company needs to address this as there is nothing worse than a dreary old website or minimal social engagement to create a poor perception of your business. In executive search we are lucky enough to be in control of candidates and the recruitment process, creating the story and a variety of eye-catching employer branding documents, videos, web content etc...  but you really do need to consider candidate reactions if you do nothing.