What is really striking about this article is you really can't assume that because the candidate sat in front of you has been a superstar in their current employer, that they will be in your organisation too. Even if they already sell your products to your customer base, there is so much more to consider and assess.

This also doesn't only apply to sales roles, it applies to all roles.

No matter how good someone may appear to be, please ensure that you stick with a robust recruitment process that will look into all their nooks and crannies.

Clearly accredited psychometric assessments are a great place to start and will certainly provide good data for you to use and consider. You should also look at your interview process, both structured and unstructured, and ways in which you can see a candidate in action with your team. Cultural fit is everything.

Also, don't rush. Take the time to assess properly and don't be put in a position of rushing a decision without all the facts. If the candidate isn't willing to wait for you then they are likely to be wrong for you.

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