Hiring really is one of the most stressful things a business has to do. Get it wrong and it can also be the most expensive.

Companies are starting to realise that you can minimise risk and maximise the reward of any recruitment project if you prepare thoroughly and develop a robust milestone led project. 

Key activities to think about are;

1. Clearly explain the 30/60/90 day deliverables to your candidate

Can your candidate deliver your requirements and do they want to? Clear communication and total transparency are critical. Don't act like a salesperson and think you need to sell the dream. Present the reality instead.

2. Take your time, don't rush to a bad appointment

You may feel under pressure to fill a void that has been left and "putting a bum on a seat" quickly could be the worst thing you do. It may alleviate some short-term pain, but it will be worse in the longer term.

3. Make the interview interactive and perhaps fun

Interviews are bad enough, but please don't sit on the other side of the desk with a straight face and want the candidates to bow to your power. The best interviews are free-flowing discussions that explore every nook and cranny. You should both walk out having enjoyed the interaction and if achieved, you will have a much better grip on who the candidate really is and what they are capable of.

4. Use the phone to pre-screen

Time is precious so what's the point of meeting a candidate who is wrong within the first 5 minutes. A pre-screening telephone conversation will allow you to set the scene, build rapport and ensure that your opportunity is of interest to the candidate.

Some great advice albeit basic.

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