I just need to start by saying I am not disagreeing with anything in the quoted article, the article is dealing with a very valid topic around motivation with which I agree but it has made think about expectations often placed on employees that may not be wanted or indeed fair.

This article talks about the term 'Citizenship' which I very much like, it is linked with employee independence, good line management and transformational leadership but I just wonder sometimes if we as HR professionals gear ourselves up to fail.

I have been working in the legal sector for sometime and there are changes afoot, the old carrot of earn your stripes to get a well paid partner role is on the wain and some lawyers are happy to forgo the extra hours per week for a more reasonably paid but less full on job, this is fine unless the business model requires all those extra hours to make profit.

It begs the question - what if employers are loosing good employees because they always want them to go the extra mile?

Again I like the term citizenship but a I prefer the term ' a bit of give and take' to ' go the extra mile' a mile can often turn into a marathon.

Great thought provoking article.