No matter what type of business you lead, it is highly likely that its success will be based on the quality and performance of the people that you employ.

I am afraid to tell you that high calibre employees do not grow on trees and are not queuing up to work for you.

If we are all in agreement with this, then why do companies keep implementing recruitment processes that deflect rather than attract outstanding individuals who would help you deliver your business strategy?

Far too much human contact and relationship building has been lost from the recruitment process and has instead been replaced with automation, online testing, poor communication and many other processes that may be good at separating the "wheat from the chaff", but which is also excellent at potential employees doing U-turns and instead engaging with companies who make them feel special from their very first interaction with them.

Highlights from this article that I agree you should give attention to are;

1. Formal job adverts that in no way represent your company culture or would ever attract the types of individuals that you want to recruit.

2. Applicant tracking systems that require hours of information uploading and provide no "human" element to it. Where's the value for the applicant?

3. Email responders that acknowledge an initial application but provides no follow-up interaction.

4. Pre-employment online testing that is done first before any engagement between you and the candidate. The computer shouldn't say no.

5. Scripted interviews that expect tick box answers. Surely an open conversation-based interview will find out a lot more about a candidate than a boring, structured tick box exercise?

All in all, treat candidates the way you would like to be treated. Create a relationship and ensure that your culture and values run through the experience you give.