Well done to London Mayor Sadiq Khans for his recent announcement of £1.7bn of funding deals with councils and housing associations to build 50,000 of affordable homes.  This has been welcomed as a much needed measure in the ongoing battle against Britains housing deficit of some 1.2 million properties.

As worrying is the shift in Britains demographic, with our "nuclear family" now largely seen as a thing of the past.  Developers have recognised a shift from large, spacious homes, to fit what demands  being placed on them.  We desperately need affordable homes that allow for the growing older generation to downsize and in order to kick start first time buyers at the bottom of the chain.  

The 240,000 new house target is not going away.  Thus, the need to build quickly, efficiently, whilst keeping one eye firmly on the green factor.  For me this all leads to the introduction of offsite manufacturing methods....but then again, Sadiq Khan seems to be driving that agenda and he's got more say than me!  Please keep driving the message Mr Khan.