Uber as a company are constantly in the press, more so now than ever in the past, this is definitely the case in the UK currently. They are a company that needs to be flexible, most modern (successful) companies are. There is a saying that has stuck with me for a long time now, 'what got us here won't get us there'. From a corporate perspective, this means continual evolution. Standing still means you go backwards, change means you stand still but evolution results in forward momentum. Fear of change is one of the main factors that inhibits companies/people, something that Uber has done (in my view) well over the years, apart from one thing! The founder/CEO hasn't 'changed' his role, it appers the CEO has been more than encouraged by the shareholders to step aside!! Sir Richard Branson is the master of this, creating something, then getting people better suited to the role to move the company forward, in most instances he's got this right. In this article, it refers to the new CEO of Uber and his masterclass in leadership, whether this article hits the spot for you or not one thing is for sure, this new appointment was more than needed. Now they can move forward, they have a lot of challenges & excitement ahead. As a user of Uber, I'm pleased they have realised 'what got them here won't get them there...'.