I just read this article from a few weeks ago on the back of a recent blog of mine on Employee Engagement. The reality is that Employee Engagement scores haven't really moved for many years.

I remember running sessions four years ago quoting the same figures as today. What I liked in this article is that it suggests some ideas away from the obvious and I believe that it is these sometimes overlooked areas that create the tipping point in engagement, organisational dynamics and performance.

I think most companies get that line management relationships are vital and that workers need to feel a sense of purpose as well a feeling that they are in safe hands with their leaders.

As with all things the devil is in the detail, for example the first few weeks in a job are critical and not just for that employee but also for their co-workers. The more employees that come in and out that don't cut the mustard the more people start to question the organisation and the more disruption they feel.

We could actually go on with this for ages but I would suggest that if you feel a bit stuck for ideas to improve levels of engagement - start at the beginning - Onboarding.