Over the last couple of years resilience has become an ever more desirable leadership quality. It feels a little dismissive of previous generations to say there is anymore pressure in our working lives these days, however what is different is that things change much faster.

Unfortunately for many change is less comfortable, compromising performance and sometimes causing genuine distress.

The reality is most people do have certain consistencies, even during periods of extreme pressure and I'm not sure you can say one person is more resilient than the next as circumstances will suit one more than the other.

As the title says resilience is about playing to your strengths, reverting back to the things you know you are best at during times or real pressure. The challenge is that not everyone knows what those things are.

I really enjoyed reading the article copied in below as it mirrors my and Collingwoods approach to building resilience. Get to know and understand yourself and your behaviours and how you react in the face of adversity. This will allow you to use all your best bits at the right times.

Great article - thanks!