Quite an interesting look at how Andy Burnham's first 100 days on the job have gone. His work rate, his visibility, and therefore his moral authority, is sky high.

He's had a busy time, unfortunately, the Ariane Grande concert at the Manchester required an immediate response, a summit on homelessness at Salford University and a Digital Summit that successfully brought together the disparate tribes of Manchester’s tech community was a great success. 

The topic of housing & the greenbelt is a toughie, they are two of the most contentious areas in public policy right now - and were both at the heart of Andy Burnham’s manifesto. Burnham promised in the election to ‘radically’ rewrite the plan - and that is now set to happen, fair play! As this article states any time in office is measured by results not manifestos, from where I stand he has made a pretty good start, let us look forward to the fruits of his labor.