In the world of modern day work we all have those days when we are a million miles an hour, we are on the motorway, dashing into the services for some lunch or whizzing through the starbucks drive through for an eyelid opening coffee inbetween meetings.

It is inevitable that these days happen and the reality is our brain is pretty well equipped to handle them, however when this becomes the norm it is more than our mood and energy levels that suffer, its our long term mental capacity and ability to work at our best.

This is article is great, clearly spelling out things that are good for our brains and I was really pleased that coffee has some longer term positive effects. However this article also tells me that I am guilty of making some bad decisions during periods of intense pressure.

During these times it is easy to forget that our brain is our most important asset and it needs rest, nutrition and the right level of exercise. 

Great informative article ...